“We’re on a mission to provide the highest quality young coconut water and meat to our clients”

Eau de Coco was founded to cater to the growing international demand for hydrating young coconut water. Our company combines partnerships, years of technical experience and strong community involvement to ensure we represent the best product fit for your business.

A bulk supplier of young coconut products, our facility brings you the famous sweet coconut taste sourced exclusively from the Philippines. With it’s heritage dating back to the Spanish, the Philippines now produces over 15 billion(1) coconuts a year. With such rich resources, it is here that we decided to build our facility.

Coconut Water

From nut to drum – natural and 100% aseptic

In the development of our new facility, our team of experts have carefully constructed a production line that slows down oxidization and holds tight to all those nutrients. Once the coconut is sliced open the water falls into a 100% aseptic process that pasteurizes the water through a Direct UHT system that promises a healthy shelf life and great flavor!

All of our coconut water is packaged in bulk (240L or 1000L). Thus making it a perfect mixture for your recipes and blends.

Coconut Meat

Hand-Scooped With Care

Known in the Philippines as “Buko”, our young coconut meat is softer and higher in healthy saturated fats than meat found in older coconuts. It is the perfect ingredient to puree or mix into your healthy recipes!

Hand-scooped, vacuum-sealed and deep-frozen in its raw form. Like our water, it goes through rigorous quality control before it is picked, packed, and shipped in bulk format with sizes from 1kg to 5kg.






Located in the heart of the rich coconut region of Batangas, Philippines, we are new certified bulk suppliers of 100% aseptic young coconut water and frozen young coconut meat.

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Our Location: 

Block 22 Lot 7, Andres Bonifacio Ave., Lima Tech Center
Lipa, Batangas 4233

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+63 917 621 1670